By Chef Al

Masterful Cake Decorations

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The Chef

Chef Al has been baking and decorating cake for the last 26 years . In 1993 he attended a culinary school in Indianapolis, Indiana where he learned the French and European styles of baking and decorating. Chef Al went on to manage the bakeries for Randall's, HEB and Marsh, and while at Marsh he worked along side a well known french chef out of France and following that Chef Al became a pastry Chef. Along with that Chef Al also has a bachelors degree in commercial arts & fine arts, which definitely explains why he is able to create not only some of the best tasting cakes, but also amazing looking cakes as well. His humble beginnings started in a local bakery in Indianapolis, Indiana that Chef Al worked in to pay his way through college, so he's no stranger to hard work. Through the years Chef Albert Archie has fallen in love with what he does, and one of the biggest reasons why, is because he loves celebrating and being apart of some of the most exciting and monumental times that people will experience in their lives. From weddings to birthdays to graduations and baby showers, Chef Al enjoys adding to the joy that people receive during these life experiences.

He cannot wait to be apart of your next life changing moment!

Masterful Cake Decorations